Latest findings on GetCheckedOnline presented in Rio!

Some of our latest findings on the impact of GetCheckedOnline (GCO) were presented this summer at the STI & HIV World Congress in Rio de Janeiro.

  • In a survey comparing GCO to STI clinic clients, we found:
    • Satisfaction with testing through GCO was comparable with or higher than STI clinic clients (Poster).
    • Users of GCO are more likely than STI clinic clients to report experiencing barriers to accessing STBBI testing, including access to a clinic (e.g., distance, wait-times), and health care access and stigma (e.g., discomfort discussing sexual history with health care providers; Presentation)
    • There were no differences in knowledge of HIV test concepts between GCO and STI clinic clients (Poster).
  • In a recent online/venue/clinic-based survey of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) in the greater Vancouver area we found 32% awareness of GCO, and of those aware 10% had tested, 50% intended to use GCO, 22% knew a GCO user and 51% had discussed GCO with someone else (Poster).
  • In interviews with Youth and GBMSM who had used GCO, participants said they preferred using GCO due to its convenience, anonymity, control over tests received, speed of results, and use without disclosing sexual orientation (Poster).

We also presented details of the method we used to evaluate a promotional campaign to GBMSM in the first year of GCO (Presentation), as well as a comparison of participant characteristics from three simultaneous convenience surveys of GBMSM to understand differences between online, pride festival, and clinic-based samples of GBMSM (Presentation).