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Click yes to consent: Acceptability of incorporating informed consent into an internet-based testing program for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections

Use of GetCheckedOnline, a comprehensive web-based testing service for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections

Get checked… where? The development of a comprehensive, integrated internet-based testing program for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections in British Columbia, Canada

Got checked where? Online STI testing now available in BC

Alternative strategies for partner notification: a missing piece of the puzzle


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Health Literacy, Sexual Health, and Gay Men: Current Perspectives

Client and Health Care Provider Perspectives on an Online Partner Notification Toolkit

Obtaining informed consent through an internet-based HIV/STI testing service

Health care provider perspectives on internet-based testing for sexually transmitted infections in British Columbia

Health equity and GetChecked: How can we make an online testing service that works for everyone?

Conference Proceedings

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Scaling up an online STI and HIV testing program in British Columbia

Use of a comprehensive Internet-based STI/HIV testing service in Vancouver, British Columbia and uptake by promotion strategy

Get checked… where? Lessons learned from implementing GetCheckedOnline, an integrated, complex public health system intervention to promote online STI/HIV testing in British Columbia, Canada

SmartSexResource website: Who’s using it and what are they looking for?

Should your visuals be wearing blue, pink or yellow pants (or no pants at all)? Developing specimen self-collection instructions that are more sensitive to the needs of traditionally marginalized and underserved client populations

Key Presentations

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GetCheckedOnline: Improving digital public health?

If you build it, will they come? The launch of Get Checked Online, BC’s internet-based STI/HIV testing service

Navigating the New Frontier: Developing Online Sexual Health Services for BC