Antivirus software? Now available in BC: E-cards patients can use to notify sex partners to get tested

Mark Gilbert, Devon Haag.

British Columbia Medical Journal, 2011 Dec; 53(1):526.

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Partner Notification

Thousands of people are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) every year in BC. It is important that their sex partners be tested and treated as well, in order to reduce the spread of infection. In BC, there are many ways patients with an STI can encourage their partners to get tested, including telling them directly, with the assistance of their primary care physician or other provider making the STI diagnosis, or through public health.  inSPOT ( is now available in BC for partner notification for people choosing to notify their partners themselves.Developed in 2004 by Internet Sexuality Information Services, a San Francisco–based nonprofit organization and subsequently implemented in numerous jurisdictions across North America (including Ottawa and Toronto), inSPOT lets peo­ple send electronic postcards (e-cards) to their sex partners to tell them that they should get tested for STIs, including HIV… (continued)