Health Literacy, Sexual Health, and Gay Men: Current Perspectives

Mark Gilbert, Joshun Dulai, Daniel Wexel, Olivier Ferlatte on behalf of the Health Literacy Planning Grant Team.

Ontario HIV Treatment Network, 2015.

Research Themes

Health Literacy

This report summarizes the findings learned during a CIHR-funded planning grant held on October 30 to November 1, 2014 as part of the BC Gay Men’s Health Summit to gather ideas about what affects sexual health literacy for gay men, and to identify the research questions we had on the topic.  Part 1 focuses on the information shared during presentations at the Summit, and Part 2 presents the findings from a one-day World Café following the Summit to have a dialogue on the relevance of health literacy to gay men’s sexual health.  We brought all of these ideas together to develop a framework for how to think about sexual health literacy for gay men, and identified key research questions on this topic.