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Optimizing the impact of internet-based testing for the control of HIV and sexually transmitted infections among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men

GetCheckedBC: Developing new knowledge to inform the province-wide implementation of an online STI/HIV testing service for youth

Factors affecting the implementation & scalability of online sexual health services

Impact of an Integrated Internet-based Testing Program for HIV and STI in British Columbia

Online STI testing & youth


The impact of BC’s internet-based testing program for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections

The cost-effectiveness of Get Checked Online vs. clinic-based testing for the screening of HIV in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in Metro Vancouver

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Differences in experiences of barriers to STI testing between clients of the internet-based diagnostic testing service and an STI clinic in Vancouver, Canada

Anticipating the potential for positive uptake and adaptation in the implementation of a publicly funded online STBBI testing service: A qualitative analysis

Differences in reported testing barriers between clients of an online STBBI testing service and a provincial STI clinic in Vancouver, Canada

Investigating selection bias: cross-sample comparison of gay and bisexual men concurrently recruited from an STI clinic, sex-seeking apps, and a pride event in British Columbia, Canada

No differences in knowledge of key HIV test concepts between users of an online STI testing service and in-clinic testers in Vancouver, Canada

High satisfaction with and loyalty to among first-time users of an online STI testing service in British Columbia, Canada

A qualitative analysis of testing preferences among youth and men who have sex with men using an online HIV/STI testing service in Vancouver, Canada